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3 Guidelines To Help You Rent The Perfect Entertainment Lighting For Your Event

Planning and renting the ideal entertainment lighting for an event is one of the most challenging parts of event planning. Lighting is a sensitive matter, and when you do not plan and install it properly, you will get an underwhelming performance. Buying lighting for a one-time event is unreasonable, which is why you should rent. However, you still have to research and make the right choices. Follow these guidelines to get the best rental entertainment lighting.

Design the Lighting Layout Beforehand

One of the mistakes to avoid when renting lighting for an event is bringing the equipment without a solid plan on installation. It is best to map out the event first and determine how best to install the lighting. You can get lighting design software to help you place the lighting in a way that gives you the ideal effect. If you are not conversant with software technology, a basic sketch will help guide the installation team. The rental service provider can help you achieve what you want when you consult them during the planning.

Assess the Event Venue and Your Budget

The ideal starting point in the rental lighting should be defining what you need. The rental company will need details like the event purpose, the available lighting budget, and the features present in the event venue. Their first step is ensuring that the type of lighting you are looking for works for your event. 

For example, disco lights might not fit a corporate event. Also, the amount of money at your disposal will determine how creative you get. Lastly, the features in the event venue can help the team figure out the ideal spaces to affix the lighting. You can assess the location with the installation team and determine what will work best.

Don't Be Shy About the Use of Color

The lighting in the event venue is one of the things that will make the event memorable. Therefore, you should go huge on the lighting colors. When you use colors correctly, they create a sense of optimism, increase the dramatic effect, and set the mood for the people that will perform at the event. 

You can use gentle glows of colored lighting to make people feel comfortable and avoid overwhelming them with brightness. Rental companies also offer options like LED lighting, which is softer and uses less energy.

Choose your entertainment lighting rentals from people who offer installation services. They will simplify your work by helping you with the planning and lighting selection to take your event to the next level.