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Got A Sinking Concrete Walkway? Here's What You Will Want To Know

If you want an easy access path to your home across your lawn and landscape, a concrete walkway is a logical implementation. However resilient concrete slabs may be through the years, shifts and changes in ground density can cause the slabs of heavy material to sink down into the ground, which can create a lot of issues. You may notice that the sections of your concrete pathway are no longer meeting level at the edges or even just sinking far into the ground. Take a look at the common questions homeowners tend to have about sinking concrete walkways and the answers you should know. 

Is there a way to repair a sinking concrete walkway without actually tearing it out?

Yes, there are a few ways you can go about lifting a slab of concrete that has sunk into the ground. One of the most popular techniques is a fairly straightforward process that involves injecting a cement material into the ground beneath the concrete to raise it up. During this process, a small plug is drilled out from the affected concrete sections and a densely mixed concrete filler material is pumped into the hole and into the ground that supports the concrete walkway section. This action raises the concrete back to its initial level and creates ground stability. 

Can the concrete walkway be raised even if it is one solid slab?

In most cases it can be raised even if it is a solid slab of concrete. The same methodology is used, but great care must be taken to level several areas evenly so some sections of the slab do not get too much pressure on them from gravity and crack. In these situations, several jacks may be used to simultaneously raise the concrete slab from the ground at even intervals before filler material is injected. 

If the concrete walkway has already cracked because it is sinking, is it possible to fix it?

Once the section of the sunken walkway has been raised to its necessary level and the filler material under it has cured, you can have the cracks in the walkway repaired. This is a fairly simple process that involves using a concrete filler material. The crack may still be visible after filling it, but this can also be resolved with a fresh coat of concrete sealer material, which is easy to obtain at your local home improvement store. 

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