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Protecting Your Aluminum Truck Bed From Rust And Scratches

If you just purchased a truck with an aluminum body to haul equipment for your business, you are most likely excited about this addition as it will give your company a professional appearance while doing your job. It is very important to add a layer of protection to the bed of your truck so it does not sustain rusting or scratching from inclement weather or moving items on or off the vehicle. Here are some of the options you have available in protecting the bed of your aluminum truck so it lasts for years to come.

Install A Prefabricated Liner

If you wish to give your truck a sharp appearance, bring your vehicle to a professional to have a protective plastic liner applied to the surface of the back portion. This is a good alternative for those who want a permanent solution in protection without having to do the work in application on their own. The downside of this type of liner is that if it is installed incorrectly, small gaps may be present along the edges of the liner, which would allow water to trickle underneath. This could cause rusting to happen in areas you cannot see, leading to deterioration as a result. It is best to go to a reputable service known to service commercial vehicles to avoid this scenario from occurring.

Add A Spray-On Layer

Many people take it upon themselves to add protection to their vehicle in the form of a spray on liner. This material is added in the same manner as spray paint, making it an easy way to remove chances of rusting or scratching on your own. Consider applying colored spray foam for a unique appearance. This coating will allow your vehicle to maintain its original body style unlike liners which often cover some of the curves of the vehicle in the process. It is best to protect the rest of your vehicle from the spray during the application process. Tarps can be taped over the aluminum sides to keep the paint from adhering to the surface during application.

Use Non-Permanent Measures 

If you do not wish to have a permanent liner installed or applied to your truck, it will still need a form of protection along the flooring when moving items. Some find that rubber mats work well at keeping the surface from becoming scratched. These can easily be placed on the floor and then moved away when desired. This is an effective way to stop flaws from occurring, but they do not offer ample protection against moisture. Keeping your vehicle in a storage unit or garage when inclement weather is present will be helpful in this instance.

Another method is to tie a tarp over the floor so it drapes over the edges of the sides of the bed during a haul. This will be helpful in keeping moisture away, but the thickness of the material may not be enough to keep scratches from happening. Using a mat and tarp combination is the solution for this. Talk to a company like Martin Truck Bodies for more options.