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3 Tips To Get Your Boss To Implement A Workplace Recycling Program

Reducing the amount of waste you and your co-workers create can be a great way to reduce the negative impact your company has on the environment. Implementing a recycling program in your workplace can be a simple way to reduce the amount of waste that ends up in your municipal landfill.

Here are three tips you can use to help convince your boss to start recycling in the future.

1. Point out that recycling provides positive PR.

Distributing positive messages about the company you work for is likely part of your employer's PR strategy. When looking for a simple way to convince your boss that recycling can be beneficial, try playing the PR angle, and point out that recycling can be a great way to help create a more positive image in the minds of consumers.

Statistics show that 53% of consumers prefer to buy from companies that have established a reputation for being "green," so let your boss know that implementing a recycling program could actually boost future sales.

2. Suggest that recycling could be good for the economy.

Most business owners understand that contributing to the local economy can be beneficial. If you are hoping to convince your boss that implementing a recycling program in your workplace is a good idea, point out the economic benefits the program would provide.

When your company chooses to recycle, you are contributing to the creation of jobs within your local recycling industry. More jobs usually mean more consumers with money to spend on goods and services, which could benefit your company's bottom line over time. Remind your boss of the economic benefits of recycling when suggesting the implementation of a workplace recycling program.

3. Volunteer to head the program.

Sometimes the only thing standing in the way of your boss accepting change is a lack of time that is typically required for the planning and implementation of these changes. By volunteering to head the recycling program in your workplace, you alleviate the need for your boss to take on more responsibilities.

Volunteer to research potential costs and benefits, and let your boss know that you are willing to coordinate with both recycling companies and your fellow employees to ensure the recycling program is a success.

Getting your boss to start a recycling program in your workplace doesn't have to be difficult. Present the positive PR and economic benefits associated with corporate recycling, and volunteer to be in charge of planning and implementation, and you will be on your way to a greener workplace. To learn more about recycling programs, contact a company like Parks & Sons of Sun City, Inc.