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2 Reasons To Install Radiant Heating Systems

Determining which heating system to install in your structure can often be a very difficult and confusing endeavor, mostly because all of the heating systems on the market offer their own set of benefits and advantages. However, a radiant system that consists of electric heating pads or hot water pipes beneath the floors or in the walls should be considered due to the advantages that it can offer. Listed below are just two of the reasons to consider radiant heat in your business.

Control Which Areas Are Heated

An interesting aspect of radiant heating systems it that they will usually be installed so that you can utilize heating zones. Heating zones are programmable options that allow you to designate individual rooms or floors into each zone. Once the zones are programmed, you can pick and choose which zones are heated and to what degree. 

One benefit to this approach is that it will allow you to choose to heat areas of your structure that are currently in use at that time of day while ignoring the rest. This can help cut down on your heating costs when compared to a forced- air heating system that will try to heat every part of the building at once, regardless of whether that portion of the building is being used or occupied.

Keep Your Structure Healthy

One of radiant heating's big differences from a forced-air heating solution is that it does not require ventilation ducts or fans to distribute the heat. This helps keep the air within your structure healthy for your employees, customers, and visitors because there are no fans blowing any dust or debris around the structure. In addition, the fact that ducts are not present means that dirt and debris will not build up in your ducts, which means that they will not be distributed through the structure when your heating system is turned on. 

The benefits of having healthy indoor air quality can include a much better smelling structure and less frequent bouts of illness among your employees. In addition, the lack of dust and other particles in the air can make the air easier to breathe for customers with allergies or respiratory issues.

Contact a local commercial heating service like Mercury Tec today in order to discuss how a radiant heating system may benefit you and your structure. These heating systems can make it easy to control what part of the building is heated while also keeping your interior air quality as clean as possible.