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3 Reasons You Should Choose A Chain Hoist Crane Instead Of A Wire Hoist Crane

If you are looking to invest in a crane for your business, you may be making the decision between one that uses a chain hoist and one that uses a wire hoist. You may have seen both types of cranes used commonly in industrial settings, and both can have their appropriate time and place. However, for many operations, a chain hoist crane is the better choice. These are a few reasons that this is the best type of crane for your company to invest in.

1. You Move Your Crane a Lot

For businesses that plan to keep the crane in the same place for a long period of time, a wire hoist can be a better choice. However, if you are constantly moving job sites and need to move the crane frequently for business purposes, a chain hoist crane might be a better choice. This is because these can be easier to dismantle and move, making operations much more flexible. For oilfield construction sites and other industries where your crane has to be moved from work site to work site on a regular basis, you are probably going to want to skip the wire hoist chain.

2. Your Loads Are Lighter

Obviously, your loads are probably pretty heavy if you have to use a crane to move them. However, the heaviest of loads are typically reserved for wire hoist cranes. If your loads are relatively light, chains could be the better choice because they are easier to handle. To handle heavier loads with chains, simply invest in heavier chains and check the weight restrictions for your crane.

3. You Have to Switch Hooks Often

Do you and your employees manually switch the hooks from one piece of equipment to another? If so, doing so with wire can be much more challenging. This is because wire is typically designed to be kept on the crane and the same piece of equipment for extended periods of time. Chains, however, can easily be attached to strong metal hooks, which you can switch around from one piece of equipment to another.

If you are looking to invest in a crane for your business, you might be struggling between choosing a chain hoist crane and a wire hoist crane. Even though either one can be a good option, depending on your industry and what you use your crane for, these are three times that a chain hoist crane might be a better choice. Check out websites like for more information.