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Restrict Access To Your Parking Lot With These Parking Barrier Solutions

When you have a parking lot outside of your building and want to stop outsiders from parking there, you need to consider a parking barrier system. There are a number of barrier systems to consider, but here are some of the most common types.

Wood or Metal Arm

One of the most basic barrier systems is a wood or metal swing arm system. The arm lowers and rises so that people can drive into the parking lot. Usually, the swing arm is next to a booth where an employee can investigate the credentials of anyone trying to enter the lot. After confirming that the person is allowed to be there, the employee can lift the arm and allow entry. Without the proper credentials, someone is unable to pass through. Sometimes, there is no booth, but an intercom so that an employee inside the building can raise the arm for someone.

While an arm system might be effective, be aware that someone could hit the arm at a high speed and break it as they continue on. Therefore, if you do choose to get a swing arm, make sure that you opt for an arm constructed with thick metal so it is more difficult to break.

Bollard System

A bollard is a thick, metallic column that sticks out of the ground to bar entry to your parking lot and lowers when someone is allowed inside. Typically, a row of bollards is used. Bollards are not as easy to drive through as a solitary arm. You can use an intercom so that people must talk to someone inside the building before being allowed to drive into the lot.

Rolling Gates

Gates can offer you another way to prevent unauthorized persons from driving onto your lot. Not only can a gate stop someone in a car from getting onto the parking lot, but it can also provide protection against those trying to enter the lot on foot. Gates come in all kinds of different finishes and styles, so you can use the gate as an extension of your brand as well.

Think about what kind of parking barrier system might work for you, now that you have some more information. Make sure to get estimates for each kind of system, so that you have a better idea of how much money you have to invest to have a suitable parking solution for your business. Talk to a contractor who has installed these kinds of systems before so that you can get a better idea of what may work well for your particular parking lot.

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