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3 Tips For Storing Road Dust Control Products That Contain Calcium Chloride

Calcium chloride is commonly used as the main ingredient in road dust control products because it has the ability to hold onto moisture for a longer period of time. Therefore, this keeps the dust from becoming airborne. Since the dust remains settled on the ground, this creates a smooth surface that is easy to drive on. One of the reasons why calcium chloride is so effective is due to how it is handled prior to use. If the chemical substance is stored incorrectly, this can ruin your roads and create a bigger problem. Therefore, use these tips to ensure that your road dust control substances are stored correctly.

Keep Packages Airtight

If you plan on storing already used packages, then you need to ensure that they are resealed after each use and remain airtight. If you are located in a humid environment, then moisture from the air can come into contact with the calcium chloride. Too much moisture will result in the calcium chloride caking. Products that become caked are difficult to use and will not work well. One way to ensure an airtight seal after every use is by vacuum sealing the packages before storing them. This will prevent air from seeping into the package.

Keep Packages Elevated

All of your dust control packages should be elevated off of the ground. Many grounding materials like soil and gravel soak in excess moisture. If your dust control substance is left on the ground, it will soak in some of this moisture directly from the ground material that it comes in contact with. This will end up causing the calcium chloride in the dust control substance to become unusable. You can store dust control substances on shelves in order to prevent this from happening.

Keep Liquids in Plastic Containers

If you are using a liquid dust control substance that contains calcium chloride, then it is best to keep the liquid stored in a plastic container. The container should also have an epoxy coating on the inside to further protect the mix. Plastic is the preferred material for calcium chloride dust control products because it can withstand the chemical substance. Other material like steel will end up corroding when exposed to the liquid.

Road dust control substances that contain calcium chloride can easily become damaged by external elements. As a result, it is important to use these tips to ensure your dust control products are stored correctly.