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2 Important Safety Features Of Movable Aisle Library Shelving

If you are in charge of making more room in your library, movable aisle library shelving is an ideal choice. Due to the fact that movable aisle shelving are installed over flooring rails, it is possible to change their appearance and how books are presented at any time. By doing so, there will be increased functionality of the shelves. When your books and videos or their presentation change in the future, changing the appearance of your shelves will be easy.

You may also know movable aisle shelves as:

  • High density shelving
  • Compact shelving
  • MAC shelving

Determine A Policy For Locked Versus Unlocked Movable Shelves-Since They Move Over Rails

Although it may seem obvious, you may want to consider that it is a good idea to have someone that is responsible for verifying that the shelves are always locked into place at any time the library is open. If you are lucky enough to work in a big library, you may want to extend the time period for consistently locked shelves to be only when necessary. In addition, it will also be helpful for its status to always be confirmed by the first and last person at the library each day.

Conversely, you may want to keep them open to maximize your patron's access to books or other materials. That is often the most appropriate choice if your library or the rooms within it are small and space is at a premium. As previously mentioned, the movable shelves use rails on the floor to travel across.

Movable Shelves Rarely Malfunction--But Have A Useful Safety Feature Just In Case

It is also important to note that movable shelves typically involve the use of sensors that are installed within the floor, very near the tracks. If someone was between the shelves, the sensors would stop the shelves from being moved, if someone else attempts to move them.

If you have elected to allow your patrons to control the movement of the shelves, there will usually be easily accessible signs that help them to do so.

In conclusion, when your library can benefit from a versatile and efficient type of library shelf, movable aisle shelving is an excellent choice. It is adjustable and allows you to make or alter the amount of floor space allocated to shelves at any time. It is also a safe choice for all library patrons and workers, due to the placement and use of both sensors and rails. Contact a company that offers library shelving, such as Elliott Bay Metal Fabricating Inc., for more information.