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How To Choose The Best Raceway

Raceways are special, encapsulated channels that are specifically designed to hold wires and connectors for an electrical system. There are two main types of raceways: conduits and tubing. Conduits and tubing are both enclosed areas that only hold electrical wiring, but they differ with regards to installation. Each can be made out of different materials. The following are questions that you should ask yourself in order to determine which type of raceway is best for your situation.

1. Is Your Wire Going to Split Into Several Channels at a Single Location?

If you have a main hub of electrical wiring that suddenly splits off into several different directions, then you will want to use metal wireways, which are are essentially metal tunnels. Metal wireways are fairly expensive when compared to other types of raceways, so they are normally only used for shorter distances. However, they are able to provide a higher level of protection, which split wires will need. They are also helpful because they can be used in wet areas, because of their superior waterproofing characteristics.

2. Are Your Wires Installed in an Area With a Lot of Vibration?

If your wires are going to be installed in an area that experiences a great deal of vibration, then you will want a more flexible type of material to protect them. One option is the liquid-tight flexible metal conduit. This type of conduit is able to endure the stress that vibration puts the material under without becoming brittle or cracking. This is important because it will ensure that the wires are never accidentally exposed to any liquids that could cause them to short, even if the material protecting them is under a lot of stress.

3. Are You Looking to Protect Your Wiring But Control Costs?

If you want to make sure that your wiring is well-protected but that the costs are still controlled, you might want to consider purchasing a rigid metal conduit. A rigid metal conduit is a straight or curved piece of raceway that provides a strong barrier against any foreign objects. It is cheaper than other types of conduits because its shape cannot change without damaging the raceway. It is one of the most basic types of raceways, but still provides a high level of protection.

For more information, talk to the electrical contractor that is organizing the electrical work in your building. He or she will have more details about the options that you have. For more information about electrical construction, contact a company like Albarell Electric Inc.