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Reasons Why Fire Prevention Services Can Improve Your Company's Safety

As a small business owner, are you worried that you don't know how to properly deal with potential fire dangers? Are you worried that your lack of knowledge could result in serious problems? Do you want to take a proactive stance to protect your company, but don't know how? Here are some areas where the expertise of a fire prevention services specialist will improve your company's safety while reducing your anxiety: 

Fire drills: Do your employees know how to evacuate properly, as well as who to report to and where to go so that there can be an accurate head count? Fire prevention services specialists can develop a regular fire drill schedule so that your employees can practice various scenarios. Your employees will learn how to escape whether they're sitting at their desks, eating lunch, or attending a meeting in a different area of the building. The specialists can create a comprehensive evacuation plan that's tailored to your facility so that everyone will know how to get out of the building safely and quickly.

Fire extinguishers: Does everyone know how to properly use an extinguisher to fight a fire? Fire prevention services specialists can provide training for your employees so that they know proper fire extinguisher use. They can help you decide whether or not to designate specific employees as being in charge of the extinguishers in their area. They'll make sure that your extinguishers are in locations that are easy to spot in case of emergency and will tell you the appropriate grade of extinguisher for each area. 

Exterior issues: If not kept properly trimmed and free of dead material, your landscaping could be a potential fire hazard. Although they may seem fine to the untrained eye, your exterior fire escapes could be in need of maintenance. Fire prevention services specialists can examine these areas to help you determine what you need to do to keep your building safer. Suggestions may include simply lubricating sticky fire escape parts or they may recommend removing an entire tree.  

Code compliance: Although your building may have been quite modern when it was built, it may need updating to bring it up to current building code. Fire prevention services specialists like Ace Fire Protection can let you know if your power strips violate local ordinances. They can also tell you whether your sprinkler heads are up to date or if the current building code recommends a new type. Their familiarity with the laws will make sure that you're able to adhere to all standards so that you're ready for your next fire inspection.