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The Surprising Benefits Of Recycling Industrial Scrap Metal

Recycling industrial scrap metal has some surprising benefits, for the business that produces the scrap and even for consumers. If you own or manage a production facility that produces a tremendous amount of scrap metal, consider a few of those surprising benefits here.

1. Scrap metal can benefit charities

Many business owners would like to make a charitable donation, either for the tax benefits or simply for charitable purposes. However, giving cash can be a difficulty but many charities actually accept scrap metal as a donation! They can take it to scrap yards themselves and receive the cash for it. This allows a company to make that charitable donation or to simply get rid of their scrap while receiving the tax benefits of a donation at the same time.

2. Recycling benefits the economy

Recycling metals of any sort is a labor-intensive job, so the industry itself benefits the economy by creating those jobs. When a company takes their scrap metal to a recycling facility they are in turn helping to support those who work there or who own and manage that facility. This helps to sustain those jobs and the entire economy as a whole. These jobs cannot be outsourced overseas so an industry's local economy is the first to benefit from their habit of recycling their scrap metals.

Not only does recycling benefit the economy by creating jobs but it also often creates many higher-paying jobs. Many jobs in the industry require a high level of skill and training, as recycling involves chemical and industrial processes and treatments that cannot be done by unskilled and untrained workers. This too benefits the economy as it means a higher overall median income in any given area.

3. Recycled materials show up in many different consumer products

 It's often thought that industrial scrap metal, once it's recycled, is used by companies in the same industry that produces the scrap in the first place. However, recycled industrial metal can be used in new televisions, kitchen appliances, smartphones, cars, and even in new buildings, as well as many other products.

The more metal that is recycled, the more industries that are encouraged to use this recycled material versus virgin metals. This in turn means even more industries and companies that will have less of an impact on the environment from the harvesting of virgin metals. It is impossible to encourage companies to use recycled materials for their products if there are no recycled materials available for them, so bringing scrap metals to a recycling center can encourage its use in all industries.

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